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Implementing Additive Manufacturing (AM) successfully, requires a different, sometimes even completely new approach regarding design thinking, supply-chain as production management and quality assurance.
We specialise in assessing and qualifying the feasibility of the business-case Additive Manufacturing and Advanced Manufacturing supply chains. By providing impartial expertise, we are enabling our clients to make better-informed decisions, get up and running faster when implementing new technologies and equipment.

   Consulting for Additive Manufacturing


CONSULT3D services are focused on Additive Manufacturing,
aka Industrial 3D Printing, for industry and education.

Strategy Consulting

To decide if Additive Manufacturing (AM) aka industrial 3D printing can and should be used for a specific application, depends on a broad variety of factors.
We can shed light on the different industrial 3D printing technologies as process strategies in order to assess feasibility of the business case of an additive production.

Hardware Consulting

Experience is key, when it comes to selecting the right technology and a specific  AM system. Benefit from our experience and knowledge in AM industry.
We are here to assist you to identify, benchmark, qualify, procure and implement hardware and processes that will deliver.

Software Consulting

Software has been a real catalyst for many business cases since AM  technologies have emerged. Benefit from our experience and gain a market overview when selecting the a software solution for your application.

Project Support

We are here to assist our clients remotely or on-site, as an one-off project or in form of ongoing support. Project scope range from initial layout planning to full implementation of technology and process optimisation.

Design for

Additive Manufacturing

Design for AM (DfAM) is the key-enabler in order to harness the full potential of the Additive Manufacturing technologies.
Freedom of Design is not unlimited as every AM technology comes with its  very own limitations. Let us assist you to refine your design and make it conform for Additive Manufacturing.

We are providing our clients with Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing industry insights.
From the latest industry trends to the fundamentals of the different AM technologies.
Feel free to inquire about custom tailored programs and guest lectures relevant to your industry.


Expertise matters

When it comes to implementing new technology,
it is always good to get an impartial assessment.
We can plan, structure and conduct benchmarks which will ensure the equipment selected will meet all the requirements.
We can help to avoid making costly mistakes by optimising production layouts and workflows in the planning phase.

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