BigRep in Education

- 3D printing is a powerful tool in education -

3D printing allows interdisciplinary teaching and the realisation of projects with solid results.
Large format 3D printing by Bigrep
allows to materialise ideas and projects in in real scale.

3D printing is already used in a lot of education establishments. It is providing hands-on technical experience for students and allowing them to create, experiment and learn. 3D printers allow students to create real prototypes that they can apply to practical applications. A BigRep 3D printer is a perfect machine to support students and research teams to realise and explore new ideas.

The ability to create three-dimensional objects is an essential learning tool in today’s universities.  Helping students to conceive, explain and understand complicated concepts. A BigRep 3D printer is a valuable resource across all university departments from geography, art and design to engineering, biology and any departments dedicated to exploring new ideas applied to the real world.

Bigrep setup at UTS Protospace in Ultimo

BigRep 3D printers enables students, lecturers and researchers to print their prototypes and models full scale.

From the factory to the lab or workshop, our printers can be installed in any working or learning environment. The BigRep ONE has a one-meter cubic volume for large-scale 3D printing and an open format to allow numerous users to observe the printing processes. The BigRep STUDIO G2 is a fast and powerful 3D printer, which is lighter and compacter than its bigger sibling. They are both very easy to handle and allow affordable large-scale 3D printing.
The BigRep PRO combines highest print speeds with an open material environment, ideal for experimenting and researching with different materials.

“People are really amazed by the things they can do with the BigRep, because now they have the possibility to create prototypes without scaling them down, so they can prototypes in real life which is an amazing opportunity for them.” – Markus Lahr, Ph.D. candidate & FabLab Manager at the TH Wildau