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Project: What's inside at #FORMNEXT

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Last week at #FORMNEXT 2021 we presented our collaborative project 'What's inside'. The Laser Powder Bed Fusion (L-PBF) / Additive Manufacturing (AM) part featured a cooling channel, as external and internal markings, added by #AdditiveMarking. The part was printed in AlSI10Mg Aluminium by #Frankenguss on a GE / #ConceptLaser M2 dual-laser system. A QR-code on the top of the component leads to the project page featuring a video of a computer tomography scan of the part. The scan, with a resolution of 20 microns, took only 10 minutes and was performed by German CT manufacturer #YXLON live at the show. The part demonstrates how easily Additive Manufacturing parts can be marked, for traceability of production data but also for verification through hidden markings. Further, it highlights the great opportunity of inspection of AM parts through industrial Computer Tomography.

Watch the video of the flight through the part here:

A big THANKS to all the partners of the project:

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