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Visit at Protoshape [Switzerland]

Protoshape GmbH is a service bureau for metal Additive Manufacturing in Klingnau (Switzerland). CEO Felix Reinert showed me around and highlighted that Protoshape is not just a job-shop for metal additive manufacturing. Embedded in a larger CNC-shop, a company called Max Horlacher AG, Protoshape combines the strength of metal additive manufacturing / Selective Laser Melting technology with expertise in CNC-machining. So it’s an one-stop job shop for direct metal parts with CNC-post machining. Protoshape spezialise in processing nickel base alloys such as Hastelloy-X and Haines230. This materials are predominantly applied for high temperature applications. Due to it’s mechanical properties this materials are very tough to machine. Using metal AM opens up complete new opportunities regarding the design as wall sections can be build way more thin compare to design realized by forging or casting. With in house capabilities to check microstructure Protoshape is also working on material qualification and process parameter development.

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