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Western Sydney Uni adds second 3D printer by Bigrep

Updated: Jul 2, 2022

Western Sydney University invests in the advanced 3D printer STUDIO G2 by Bigrep. The large-format Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) system was supplied by CONSULT3D, the Bigrep distributor in the Australia & New Zealand region. The new 3D printer was installed just one year after the installation of a Bigrep ONE system at the WSU campus in Kingswood. The STUDIO G2 was placed in WSU's new facility at 6 Hassall Street, located in the heart of Parramatta. 6 Hassall Street, or short 6|HSL, is home to a brand new state-of-the-art Makerspace located in the lower level of the multistory innovation space. In this Makerspace, students will have swipe card access to use all equipment they previously have been inducted to. This access control will make the equipment more accessible and at the same time ensure safety, improve workflows, and will allow monitoring utilisation.

The STUDIO G2 was selected for its fully enclosed build chamber, with a usable print volume of x 1000 mm y 500 mm z 500 mm. The system is equipped with a fiber-ready dual-extruder and heated material chambers. These features make the 3D printer capable of processing advanced thermoplastics, such as carbon-fiber-filled Nylon, PET, ABS, eg. The dual extruder allows the processing of these materials in combination with soluble support. These advanced capabilities drew instant interest from the Western Sydney Unis Solar Car and SAE Formula Student team for making parts for the next season's cars. The system allows the teams to realise projects in real scale while speeding up the production of moulds as end-use parts. LaunchPad, Western Sydney University’s Tech Startup Incubator, is expected to become another heavy user of the new STUDIO G2 system. LaunchPad has already scheduled events at 6|HSL to engage with the industry and promote the uptake of additive manufacturing technologies.

Another key reason why UWS has opted for a second 3D printing system by Bigrep is the so-called "open material architecture". In contrast to other 3D printer manufacturers, Bigrep allows their customers to process not only Bigrep's filaments but also third-party filaments. Further, customers can develop their own process parameters and most importantly recycle and reuse materials in order to reduce waste and save resources.

Last but not least, the BLADE data preparation software by Bigrep is free to use, not adding any costs through license fees. BLADE enables students and staff to prepare their files themselves without any access restrictions. In combination with the low maintenance costs of the STUDIO G2, these features have a significant impact on usability and the overall operating costs of the equipment. Contact us to learn more about Bigrep Learn more about Bigrep 3D printers in Education

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