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Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing

Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing ( WAAM) is a near net shape technology. The process offers high deposition rates and system costs are considerably low compared to other AM technologies.
The process utilizes wire fed material, a gantry system or often times and industrial robot.  The typical energy source is electricity/plasma but there are also systems using an electron beam in vacuum.


Electron beam based WAAM

Electron Beam based WAAM origins in electron beam welding systems. System as operating costs are high due to the required vacuum technology.

What part sizes are possible?
WAAM components  are typically under one meter but there are systems which can build parts of several meters size.

What's the productivity like?

WAAM systems can deposit 5-10 kg of titanium per hour.

What are common applications?

Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing can be found predominantly in aerospace as defense industry.
Using WAAM of large structural components can significantly lower the fly-to-buy ratio. There are several FAA approved aircraft parts which are manufactured by WAAM.


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