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Laser World of PHOTONICS [Munich] Day 1

Every second year the Laser World of PHOTONICS is in Munich. Every even year the event takes place in Shanghai.


Bigger than the LASYS expo the Laser World of PHOTONICS is the most important trade fair and conference on laser technology. So it is a fair showing new developments in laser technology. This time they had a special on Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing.


Machines from Concept Laser, SLM Solutions, SIMSA and ReaLizer were on display together with many applications in various materials.

I met a few familiar faces from Laser Zentrum Hannover, iwb / TU Munich, Fraunhofer ILT and Uni Erlangen places where Additive Manufacturing and new applications are researched and developed in close corporation with industry.

Next to the Fraunhofer ILT booth was a new player in the field of laser-based direct metal powder bed systems.


Written by Matthias Bringezu


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