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Nanyang Polytechnic AMIC [SINGAPORE]

Last week I visited the Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre Nanyang / AMIC at Polytechnic (NYP) in Singapore.

A walk through the I got showed the CNC-machine park seemed to be like a visit at the  DMG-Mori demo centre close to my hometown back in Germany. Though, a very impressive set-up of machinery for all kind of applications. However, the more exciting part and the actual reason for my visit was the Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre. The lab is equipped with multiple polymer and three powder bed based laser direct metal systems. Two systems from Concept Laser (M2 &M1) and as well an EOS M270 systems. I got assured there will be more equipment installed soon. Dawid Wong who gave me the tour explained to me that the focus of AMIC is industry projects rather than blue sky research. So enabling or AM-abling, how Dawid likes to say, industry to do things faster and more efficient through Additive Manufacturing.

The Additive Manufacturing Innovation Centre also focuses on to up-skill industry for the use of Additive Manufacturing technologies. The part time Specialist Diploma for precision Engineering [Additive Manufacturing] is designed to enable people who are working in industry to catch up with these technologies. Participants of the course will be equipped with skills to take an idea from the concept, through the design phase to the ready product manufactured using AM technologies. What a great program.

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