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SIEMENS invests multi-millions in metal Additive Manufacturing

AM workshop at Siemens in Finspång

source: SIEMENS

Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB invests 200 million Swedish crowns, about 24 million USD or 21,4 million Euros, in metal Additive manufacturing. The new workshop in Finspång Sweden with about 20 employees will increase Siemens existing metal AM manufacturing capabilities.

In 2015 Siemens showed in this video their activities on metal AM to refurbish industrial turbomachinery components at the Finspång facility. According to this Swedish news article, Hans Holmström, CEO of Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery,  said: “Siemens is at the forefront in Sweden and the world of additive manufacturing in the development and production of advanced components in the metal to the power industry. This is a step in a long-term investment in this area, where we have not yet seen all the possibilities. Through this investment, we are building up the skills and experience that can lead to new ideas and developments in the field.”

Thorbjörn Fors, global business director for Distributed Generation at Siemens added: “With this investment, we can develop new and improved components and repairs, for example fuel burners to serve our industrial gas turbine SGT-800, significantly faster. Using this innovative approach, we will shorten repair times from months to weeks. It is an important step in our ability to respond to the needs of our customers. “

Video on metal AM at Siemens Finspång facility:

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