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Siemens PLM Software and Authentise Partner to Make Geometric Search More Accessible

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Siemens PLM Software and Authentise Partner to Make Geometric Search More Accessible

Siemens’ Geolus Search is now embedded in Authentise platform.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – Sept. 12, 2017 – PRLog — Authentise, a leader in process automation software for additive manufacturing, today announced a distribution partnership with Siemens PLM Software, a leading global provider of PLM software, to make shape search technology more broadly available to the digital manufacturing industry.

This partnership embeds Siemens PLM’s shape search technology, Geolus Search, in Authentise’s 3Diax, the API platform for additive manufacturing. The resulting module makes shape search easy to implement in custom, integrated workflows that stretch across the digital thread from design to production. These workflows benefit because knowledge associated with historical designs, such as previous production notes, material choices or intellectual property rights, can be identified based on the geometry, not keywords. Specifically, the 3Diax Module featuring Geolus® software:

– helps to determine candidate designs for additive manufacturing and to recognise those designs that share similar compensation models and parameters, saving valuable time in the design process;

– allows the customer to identify similar designs to highly classified internal ones in order to share externally for quotes or review to enable more transparency and communication; and, safeguards companies from breaching intellectual property regulations by scanning any parts against blacklists.

“We are delighted to be working with Siemens to extend our offering,” says Andre Wegner, CEO of Authentise. “We partner with a variety of companies to increase both the breadth and depth of modules on 3Diax. It is great to see that even more established players see an opportunity in working with 3Diax to give those customers pursuing advanced process automation the tools in the format they need.”

“Siemens PLM Software is committed to creating partnerships that enhance the experience of end-users. We are pleased to partner with Authentise to provide integrated solutions that can improve the productivity of the digital manufacturing community,” says Evan Knuttila, Vice President Global Sales – PLM Components, Siemens PLM Software.

To find out more about the 3Diax modules, please visit

About Authentise: Authentise delivers software that enables the production-scale deployment of additive manufacturing. Its landmark products include the 3Diax modular platform as well as the Authentise Manufacturing Execution System. These tools use device data to solve discrete automation challenges and provide an avenue to fully automated order execution and tracking in additive manufacturing, reducing Total Cost of Ownership and speeding up product delivery. The company was founded in Silicon Valley in 2012 and has been covered by Bloomberg, the BBC, Wired, and others.

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CONSULT3D is an engin eering consultancy supporting our clients to adapt and optimize the use of Additive Manufacturing / 3D printing technologies. Since 2017 were are collaborating with Authentise to streamline additive manufacturing / 3D printing processes and enable businesses to take full advantage of their hardware through enhanced connectivity, data monitoring, improved data preparation and data handling.  Contact 

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